It is an accumulation of the recommendations, discussions, presentations from the Bayon Symposium that has been held every year since 1996. The Bayon Symposium is sponsored by JSA, but with the support of UNESCO and APSARA, we had positive participation of Cambodian and international experts, and every team whom contributes for the conservation of Angkor. We discussed continuously and from a wide point of view, about the research works, restoration techniques, and how Bayon should be in the future, but always making consideration for whole Angkor monuments. The fundamental policy of JSA for the conservation and usage of Bayon will be mainly shown through out the results of the Bayon Symposium and the Bayon Charter which is also in progress. All matters will be continuously discussed.

"The Bayon Symposium" and "The Master Plan for the Conservation & Restoration of the Bayon Complex"

The Bayon Symposium started in the form that JSA sponsors and UNESCO serves as the secretariat in 1996 in order to discuss a framework for "The Master Plan for the Conservation & Restoration of the Bayon Complex". Since then every year, it is held in Siem Reap, the town of Angkor monuments. As various technical problems for the conservation and restoration of Bayon are related to the whole Angkor monument, the symposium provided the important forum to exchange opinions by all participating teams from every country. Also this symposium does not intend to settle the problem within Angkor itself, but it also intends to learn from the relevant precedents in the world and to consider Angkors conservation and restoration problems from a world wide viewpoint. Specifically we had positive participation by international experts who have esteemed experiences and noticeable result from the conservation and restoration work in other important monuments of the world.
"The Master Plan for the Conservation & Restoration of the Bayon Complex" is studied through,

  • Conservation & Restoration activities in Angkor
  • "Venice Charter" (in 1964)
  • "The Nara Document on Authenticity" (in 1994)
  • Conservation & Restoration activities in the world
It is aiming at the new guideline for the conservation and restoration of the Asian and world cultural heritage. Every year it is conferred at "The BAYON Symposium", and now in progress for establishment.