We shall promote a safe restoration among the harmonization between such facts that it is the living temple for religion, and on the other hand it is one of the main spot for tourism.

Importance of keeping a Safe Work Site
A large work site is necessary for a restoration work with partial dismantling. Also we need machinery such as cranes for working safely at high places Considering the importance of Bayon's religious and touristic meanings, the period and the range for restoration work should keep to a minimum, and to achieve this a carefully worked-out plan is required.
Importance of Continuous Maintenance and Minor Repair
One of the reasons thought for the collapse of the Angkor monuments is the abandonment of a suitable maintenance for its structural characteristic. When maintenance and cleaning is interrupted for a long time, it will let rain water penetrate through the small opening of the stone joint to the inner part of the building. JSA have continued working for the maintenance and minor repair at the entire Bayon complex, even after the completion of the restoration for the Bayon Northern library.