There are about 200 Technical staffs in JSA. Throughout the long experience, many have excellent craftsmanship.
Recording the information ( position, size, quality, drawings, characteristics, etc.) of the dismantled and scattered stones.
Dismantle, Trial Assembly, Assemble
Dismantled materials are always under trial assembly before the real assembling. The position, size are checked.
Repair work
Previously broken materials are repaired and reused.
Newly quarried stones are processed similar to the original materials.
Heavy Industrial Machine operation
Heavy industrial machine are operated by teamwork.
When new stones are needed, we cut out from the far away quarry developed by JSA.
Excavate, Measure, Mapping
Excavation is very important as a basic survey. Light wave measure machines and GPS are used for mapping.
Organizing Relics
Dozens of relics come out from the site.
They are all cleaned and joint, documented by special staffs.
Documenting Bas-Relief
Precise survey of the bas-reliefs of Bayon has been held. The bas-reliefs are documented by hand writing.