It is published once a year since 1995 and 9 publishment in total at the moment. The annual activities for conservation and restoration, such as investigation results, research results, restoration planning, reconstruction works are reported.
The conservation and restoration project for the Northern Library of Bayon was completed in 1999. The method adopted for here was an epoch-making event among the restoration history of the Angkor monuments. The purpose of publishment is that this report provides information when confronting the restoration of Prasat Suor Prat and Northern Library inside the outermost Enclosure of Angkor Wat, and for future Cambodians to restore and survey Angkor monuments on their own.
The first issue in 1994. After, it is issued once a year, 9 NEWS until now. Every year, we have feature articles such as "Human Resources Development", "Commemorating the Completion of the Conservation and Restoration of the Northern Library of Bayon". We publish articles from experts, Cambodian staffs and introduce the annual activities of JSA.
Photograph collection of the deity faces of Bayon. Published in 1999.