From the very beginning, JSA has been offering support for Angkor with a view to enabling the people of Cambodia to conduct conservation and restoration activities of their monuments on their own initiatives. It is fostering the following talents by having Cambodian people participate in restoration activities under the guidance of Japanese experts and masters:

  • Experts capable of planning, implementing, operating, and reporting on the surveys and restoration work
  • Technicians in each field of expertise to undertake the actual on-site restoration work
JSA is also focusing its energies into the discovery and development of young talent by receiving trainees (in the archaeology/conservation and restoration courses) from the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh each year, and encouraging the participation of young people in various training programs throughout the world.
Programs Duration Candidates Selection Method Major Training
* Short Term Training Programs 2 courses:
"Archaeology" and "Conservation and Restoration"
3 to 4 weeks, 1 or 2 a year Students of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh (3 to 5 per course) Written exam, practical skills and interview ・ Acquisition of fundamental skills and knowledge through actual on-site work such as archaeological excavations and architectural measurements
・ Analyzing excavated objects/ Drawing plans/ Making journals and reports/ Undertaking topic assignments
・ Lectures by experts/ Visits to other monuments and restoration sites
** Long Term Training Programs 2 courses:
"Archaeology" and "Conservation and Restoration"
1 year College graduates or Cambodians with equal ability Paper screening, written exam, interview ・Practical training through day-to-day cooperation in restoration work and excavation as members of the local office staff
* This student-training project is conducted mainly with subsidy from the Foundation for Cultural Heritage, Japan.
** If a long-term trainee wishes, he will be employed as an assistant expert after completion of training.

■Expert Development

  • Assistant Expert:
    A Cambodian whom finished the Long Term Training Program or whom is consider to have the equal knowledge and experience will be selected through out "documentation, examination, skill test and interview". They will be engaged in survey and research works, and work as the assistant of Experts for 2-4 years.
  • Expert:
    A Cambodian whom experienced the Assistant Expert will be selected through out "documentation, examination, skill test and interview". They will daily engage in planning the research and restoration works, direct at the site, prepare reports and present them.

■Technical Staff Development

  • We have training courses such as, archaeological excavation technicians, measuring technicians, stone masonry (dismantling, processing, restoration, trial assembling, reassembling of stones), heavy machinery operators.